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The LKR e.V

The LKR e.V is a non-governmental organisation and umbrella organisation for associations that provide independent support for offenders, support for persons at risk, as well as youth welfare and probation services in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. 




About us

We are a non-profit association with 5 employees who provide a wide range of offers and projects to reduce crime and violence. 


Staff and Board of Directors

The LKR e.V. consists of 5 staff members and 7 board members who put their heart and soul into supporting offenders.  


Articles and Mission Statement

The mission statement and the articles determine our work at the LKR e.V. Jean-Paul Sartre's quote "Man is condemned to freedom" is one of our guiding principles. 



Our aim is to bring people together with the same objectives and to encourage them to live a life without committing offences. We provide different offers and projects in order to achieve this.