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Articles and Mission Statement

Our work at LKR e.V. is determined by the mission statement and articles. Jean-Paul Sartre's quote "Man is condemned to be free" is one of our guiding principles.

Mission Statement


Since 1990, LKR e.V. has set the task of forming a structure for non-governmental offender support in Saxony-Anhalt. The new network of offender support associations enables the exchange for all participants on various topics and project areas.


What we mainly focus on is the equality of opportunity for each individual to live a self-determined life in a democratic and peaceful community.


We support prisoners, ex-prisoners, their family members and other involved persons individually and respect all human rights during the process.


Resulting in:


For The People Seeking Help

Our work is based on a valued and respectful approach to the people seeking help. We respect the dignity of everyone and treat every person according to the principle of equality. Nevertheless, we trust in the ability of each person to develop and grow. Individual livelihood security is provided by including the social environment and the living environment of the individual person by focusing on individual needs. The reintegration in the job market and society should reinforce the self empowerment of any person seeking help in order to enable a future life without crime – a socially responsible life.



The LKR e.V. in Saxony-Anhalt is a professional and umbrella organisation for 16 local associations of offender support, persons at risk, youth welfare and probation services. It ensures the necessary statewide organisational and professional networking of associations and their offers, as well as the trouble-free transnational integration of juvenile and adult offenders after their release. 


Continuous quality assurance and quality improvement are ensured by further training of the staff members, by the experience exchange in a multi-professional team, through symposia, committee work, supervisions and collegial consultations.


We cooperate with non-governmental and public services which also participate in the holistic process of restoring legal and social peace. 


For Staff Members / Networks

For the Public

Our aim is to sensitise society in dealing with offenders and to communicate that every person has a right to a humane life. The main aim of our public relations is to create acceptance and understanding for the necessary tasks of social reintegration.






Of course, in our work we also take the legal obligation of confidentiality and the data protection regulations into account .





Our articles describe the structure of our association and our concrete goals and the rules that determine our work in terms of content and organisation. The current version can be viewed and downloaded here - Satzung (Stand: 2018)