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Our aim is to connect people with common objectives and to encourage them to live a life without committing offences. We provide various programmes and projects in order to achieve this.

Our projects include:





Coordination Office for Victim-Offender-Mediation in Saxony-Anhalt

Coordination Office for Victim-Offender-Mediation in Saxony-Anhalt


Coordination Office for Crime Prevention

With this project, we try to prevent crime and initiate preventive programmes together with other professionals. 


Educational Programmes/ Seminars

We offer seminars, lectures, individual and group consultations and other formats on different topics. The focus is on individual needs.  


Art Competition

With an art contest, we try to connect people before and behind bars and promote understanding through art.


FRAP (Centre for Prevention of Radicalisation in Prison)

We support and encourage professionals working at penal institutions and offender support services to recognise radicalisation at an early stage and to counter the extremes in a preventive way. We focus on the phenomena of right-wing extremism as well as extremism based on religion (e.g. Islamic extremism and violent Salafism).



LUCA is a contact person for children with questions and concerns about an arrest or imprisonment of a loved one.