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You want to support our social work? 

No matter how small, your donation can really make a difference.



With your donation you take responsibility within society and do good.


You can send your donation by bank transfer.


Landesverband für Kriminalprävention und Resozialisierung Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

IBAN: DE 86 8002 0086 0004 2283 32


Intended use: Spende zur Förderung der freien SH, ggf. spezifisches Projekt (Earmarking)


With your donation YOU support us:

  • implement our existing projects even better. With your money we can, for example, buy additional materials and/or pay the transportation costs for participating clients and and and... 
  • implement new offers.
  • to react to current situations with suitable offers, which we have not requested in our projects, but which are necessary. 
  • to recognize people who have done something great.
  • to go into the public and inform people about our work and topics. 
  • and many other helpful things in the sense of resocialization and crime prevention.  





Your donation allows us to support programmes and projects which cannot be realised without additional funding.


This is your chance to take social responsibility and do good.


Use our donation form to support us. If you need a donation receipt, we will send it to you


Send us this donation form -Spendenformular- filled in and we will send you the donation receipt after receiving your donations on our account.


You can find out what our goals are and what our work is about in our articles and mission statement.


Do you have any questions or comments? Then send an e-mail to or use the contact form.