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The ZEBRA project is a contact point for people who come into contact with committing a crime.


Zebra is an abbreviation in German and stands for Centre for Release Assistance, Counselling, Social Reintegration and Community Service Placement (Zentrum für Entlassungshilfe, Beratung, Resozialisierung und Anlaufstelle zur Vermittlung gemeinnütziger Arbeit). The project's staff support people who are threatened with imprisonment, imprisoned or ex-prisoners and their relatives. They also help people who have to serve community service.



Who can contact the contact persons of the ZEBRA project?

  •  people at risk of imprisonment
  •  prisoners
  • ex-prisoner
  • and their relatives

What does the project offer?

  • assistance before and after imprisonment
  • consultation
  • support during a prison sentence
  • placement in non-profit work areas to complete community service
  • and social reintegration

How to contact the contact persons? And who is responsible for you?

  • You can contact the contact persons by phone, by post, by persons appointed by you or in person.
  • Here you can find an overview of the responsible associations and their contact details